Blog Topics: Tonight’s Top 10 List [258]

Legend has it the Top 10 List was created by David Letterman, but your guess is as good as mine. My bet is cavemen were writing top 10 lists in the dirt to get a chuckle out of their buddies when they walked by.

Blog Topics

No matter who first created a top 10 list, they work well to capture interest, no matter if they’re serious or funny.

Christine and I are working on a funny guest post for an outdoor blog that involves a top 10 “he said”, “she said”. It’ll be funny to most people, but your post doesn’t have to be funny. For ideas, consider creating a top 10 list of:

  • ways to use your product
  • users of your service
  • ways to contact you
  • travel destinations (travel destinations)
  • competitors (especially if you’re better than all of them)
  • highlights of your industry
  • events in your industry
  • anything funny (always a hit)

How will you use a Top 10 List this week?

If you have a topic, tip, or technique you’d like to submit, email it to I’ll link to your website when I give you credit.