Blog Topics: Involve Others [261]

One of the best things you can do on your site is to involve others in the creating.

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We’ve talked about guest posting before, but today we’ll take it a step further. Instead of involving one person to create a post for you, consider involving ten or more.

One of the best parts about hosting a guest post on your site is the author may share it with their community. That’s a lot of new folks on your site who may never have heard of you before. When you involve 10 or more guest posters in a single post, the potential for your post to spread skyrockets.

It’s best to keep a guest poster’s involvement short as you add more authors. Guest posters love this since their involvement goes down, and they get to be seen with their peers.

Tips, tricks, strategies, and opinions work well for these types of post. Email 10-15 people with a short note telling them what you’re doing and asking if they’d like to be involved. Get right to the point and tell them you’re looking for 3-4 sentences. My guess is 90% of them will say yes.

If you have a topic, tip, or technique you’d like to submit, email it to I’ll link to your website when I give you credit.