Blog Topics: Finish the Story [255]

Let’s talk about involving your audience more.

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You may have played a game in school where a story was started and you went around the room, each person adding their own√ā¬†embellishments. It was a fun game because everyone got to participate.

There are many ways you can use this on your blog. Reading, listening or watching becomes boring after a while, so involve your community. Let them be a part of the action and share it with their friends. It’s more interactive and much more fun.

Think through ideas and ways you can use this on your site. One of the best is to begin talking about a topic, but not finish it. Ask your readers what they’d do and encourage them to continue the topic within the comments.

I might talk about my favorite things to do in the outdoors at Backcountry Treks for instance, then ask my readers what they enjoy. For bonus points, I might even give a prize for the most creative idea, which will really get the interaction flowing.

If you have a topic, tip, or technique you’d like to submit, email it to I’ll link to your website when I give you credit.