Blog Tips: Try Different Lengths [256]

How long are your posts? Before reading today’s tip, jump into your blog and get a feel for how long your posts normally are. We’re going to mix it up.

Blog Tips

My posts at Coach Radio tend to be on the shorter side, usually four or five paragraphs, coming in between 200 – 300 words. When I first sit down they’re much longer, but I delete as much as I can to make it short for my reader.

But that’s just me and it’s definitely not a hard and fast rule.

Figure out how long your posts normally are and try making a few longer and a few shorter. If you don’t have time for longer posts, consider blogging less. This is an experiment. Maybe your community will love the new format.

I wrote How to Become a Financial Coach over a year ago. At nearly 1,300 words (very long for me), it was instantly popular and very engaging as you can see by the comments.

This week, try making a few posts longer. If you have time, queue up one or more for next week that comes in much longer than you normally would write. Then sit back and look at the results.

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