Blog Tips: Have a Goal [262]

Without a goal, your blog is a collection of unrelated and meaningless posts. Feel free to retweet.

Blog Tips

You’ve seen the blogs. One day it’s a helpful article, another is an unrelated joke. Sometimes there’s even a tech tip that doesn’t relate to the topic or reason you’re following the site in the first place. You begin to wonder why you subscribe to that particular blog.

Don’t give people a reason to ask themselves that question about your blog. Being relevant starts with a clear goal for your blog and the posts you create.

When you determine what your goal is, you might write it on a note and paste it on your monitor. Always have it in mind when you’re creating.

It’s ok to be funny and offer off-the-wall content, but only if it aligns with your goal.

If you have a topic, tip, or technique you’d like to submit, email it to I’ll link to your website when I give you credit.