Blog Techniques: RSS Subscription [257]

Maybe you don’t even know what RSS stands for. That’s ok; you don’t need to understand it to use it.

Blog Techniques

Very simply, RSS is a code generated by nearly every blogging platform that makes it easy to subscribe to updates. You should always run your blog’s master feed through Feedburner and use the feed generated there for subscriptions. If you have to change your main feed, simply update it in Feedburner and you’ll never lose a subscriber.

Email subscriptions are still the number one way most people subscribe to blogs, which is why you’ll see that option in both of my examples below. Many will post the feed into google reader so they read on which ever device they prefer.

While it’s not required, it’s generally accepted to place an RSS icon somewhere around the upper right of your website.

Here’s what Backcountry Treks looks like.

Backcountry Treks

I’ve made it much larger at Coach Radio, but I’ve also placed it a little lower down the page, though still above the fold.

Coach Radio

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