Blog Techniques: Inbound LInks Through Pictures [254]

This is a technique I hadn’t thought of until my friend, Todd Hash, mentioned it to me.

Blog Techniques

I’ve talked about interviewing people on your site (written, video, or audio) before. When you do, there’s a good chance that person will share it with their audience. I always do when I’m interviewed.

Todd gave me the idea of doing the same with pictures. He frequently uses image from deviantART in his blog, though many are not in the creative commons. Todd emails the owner of the image for permission to include their picture, along with a link back to the source. When he receives a yes, one more person knows about his blog and could possibly send traffic; traffic he couldn’t have reached before.

This won’t work every time, but you never know how big an artist may be. Within 100 blog posts, you might connect with the one who could send hundred or thousands of people to your site.

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