Blog Techniques: Ask Questions [263]

Today we’ll talk about asking questions, but not the way you might think.

Blog Techniques

Questioning within a post is a good idea, depending on the topic, but today I’d like you to create questions around your posts within social media.

Most people post simple links to their content after it’s published. They load Facebook, twitter, and maybe google+, paste the title and link to the post, and they’re done. But since you subscribe to Need a Topic, you’re much too smart for that.

My goal is to incite a conversation within social media. That conversation should be centered around your topic and intrigue people enough to click through. Simple links don’t usually cut it.

I wrote a post sharing stats on where people shop and the social media sites that refer them. Instead of posting the link and title on twitter, I asked, “Do you shop where you socialize?”, then posted the link. This started a conversation and intrigued more people to click and read the post (or at least look at the infographic) than otherwise would have.

If you have a topic, tip, or technique you’d like to submit, email it to I’ll link to your website when I give you credit.