Over the last several years I’ve had the opportunity to meet with thousands of entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcaster, and vloggers (the video kind) all over the world. If there’s one thing they have all struggled with at one point or another it’s being consistent in creating material their audience is yearning for.

I’m Justin Lukasavige and I’m thankful to have worked one-on-one or in groups with hundreds of these people. I’ve had my own struggles over the years so I know how you feel.

Here’s exactly how I make money blogging.

The Challenge

The Challenge


You’ve probably heard how important it is to be consistent in your marketing. Blogging, creating videos, and online radio/podcasting are the marketing foundations of many profitable businesses. It’s never been easier to create a community of people who know, like, and trust you than it is through these media platforms.

Many people start blogs, but most give up on their blogging soon after they start. Life gets in the way and it’s difficult to sit in front of a computer during a scheduled time and hammer out a piece that attracts people to you.

MarketingProfs says nearly 60% of businesses struggle to produce content.

You shouldn’t struggle to create good content and that’s why I’ve created this site.

A Real Solution

The Solution

Need a Topic delivers three things to help you grow your business or personal blog. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing or recording audio and/or video. You’ll benefit from receiving helpful, timely, and inspiring emails every week to help you grow.


your email will contain a list of 5-10 topics. They aren’t specific to any one niche, but you will be inspired by a number of them and be able to tweak them to work on your site.


your email will contain a tip to help you run your site or your business better. The info is varied and might contain technology one day and a tip to build relationships the next.


your email will contain a technique that will build on Wednesday’s tip. You don’t need to be a techie or even love details, but you will be encouraged to think different about how you’re doing things now and how you can do them better.

Shouldn’t this be Free?


Yes, information is free all over the place and you can get some great stuff at Coach Radio. You’ll find podcasts, blogs, forums, and a number of other things for free. But I don’t think you want or need that. You wouldn’t be here if you could find what you need for free, right?

In addition to the weekly Need a Topic emails, you’ll have access to the complete archives of everything we’ve ever created. You’ll see right away that this cuts through the clutter and is also very simple.

We don’t have a forum. You’re probably a member of ten or more already. You can leave comments on the posts here, but this is a site for action and not just talking about it. The expectation is that you’ll take something away from every single email and use it to grow your community.

Soon, you’ll also have the ability to submit your own ideas. If we like them, you’ll be credited along with a link back to your website. What a great way to grow your traffic with highly qualified viewers!

Ready to join?

Join Now

While I’d love to let you join our small group, we’re currently closed to new members. I made this decision in order to focus on some large projects I have in the pipeline.

I’m still writing and offering great stuff for free at Coach Radio, so be sure to join me there. If you’re a coach or any small business owner, you might also enjoy a free download of the Six Figure Coaching Model.

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